Using a text box.

Multi-Line Text box multiline text


To insert an interaction consisting of a multi-line text box, or essay question, click the clip0012 Multi-line Text Box button on the Cell Editor toolbar.


The multi-line text interaction is similar to gap text, with some differences:

You can apply border styles and padding to a multi-line text box.


The multi-line text box will be marked as not answered (unanswered) if left blank and clip0038 (saved) if answered to indicate it has been saved and need facilitator input.


If the "Out of" is set to 0 it will not be marked at all.



You can allow the learner can apply formatting their responses.


To turn on the formatting feature for a multiline text box, check the Formatted option in the interaction builder.



When the learner clicks into a formatted multiline text box to type in a response, a formatting bar is shown above the text box.



The author should use module preview to ensure that all formatting buttons will be accessible to the learner.


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