Using gap text.

Gap Text   gap text


Using the Gap Text interaction allows the user to enter the missing word.  There can be more than one correct answer and you can add feedback to guide the user.


Note: Check box, radio, drag drop, drop down and gap text interactions can now have negative graded marks. These will show the negative feedback icon.


Viewed in:

Learner mode

gap in learner

gap feedback

gap correct



Waiting for user input




The state after pressing Mark 2 and rolling the mouse over the wrong answer to get feedback.



The state after reading the feedback, clicking RETRY retry 2, typing in the correct answer and clicking Mark 2 again


Editing Mode

gap in editing


Notice the Interaction is shown as a text box indicating the number of correct answers (1 in this case).  To edit the interaction, double click on it.

Cell Editor

gap in cell editor


Notice the Interaction is shown as an icon within the text.  To edit the interaction, double click on the icon.

Interaction Editor


gap in interaction ed


Note: When a Gap Text interaction compares the model answer(s) specified by the author with the answer given by the user, it removes leading, trailing, and double spaces. It also removes trailing “.” Thus, for example, the answer “   Rain     Cloud  .   ” gets converted to “Rain Cloud”.


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