Using 'Stick-Its'

Stick-its is an electronic pin board where you can post documents, discussions or links to websites.


Note: Stick-its is an additional option so extra costs may be incurred.  You should contact before planning to use this feature.


Here is an example of the pin board for Stick-its where a variety of topics and resources are posted.  You can sort the items in a variety of ways

Stickit 2


To add a new item simply click the ADD TO button on the right of the screen, choose the type and then then fill in the details on the screen that appears as shown below.

Stickits 2


The creator of a Stick-It can edit the title and description. The changes are saved as soon as the user clicks away from the text boxes.
The creator of a Stick-It can delete it. (We can change the text displayed in the confirm dialog box.)
Each person commenting on a Stick-It can delete their own comment(s). No confirmation dialog is given.
When creating a new Stick-It, or editing an existing one, the Title and Description lengths are automatically limited, and the hint texts include the limit.