Using the Cell Editor

The Cell Editor is used to edit the text content of cells. Several style controls are available for formatting individual sections of content.


To access the Cell Editor, double click on the cell of interest.





To insert a new interaction (eg Gap, Text Box, Menu (shown below), radio buttons, Check box, etc), click the corresponding button on the Cell Editor Toolbar. Once the interaction has been inserted, it is represented by a placeholder graphic in the Cell Editor.


editor with item



When you wish to edit the interaction, double-click the placeholder graphic; or, in Layout mode, double-click the interaction.  Review the following sections for more detail on each interaction.


interaction editor


Raw / Design View

The content of the cell can be edited in design (styled) or raw HTML mode.


In Raw View, you can use the following codes that get replaced by the corresponding values when drawn.




Cell width, in pixels


Cell height, in pixels


Current score (achieved marks) for the whole Module


Maximum score possible in current Module



Note: To insert text copied from another source, switch to Raw View and press Ctrl+V. This is the easiest way to remove existing formatting.


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