Viewing as a User

Bracken Author has a very visual editing mode but to check your content works properly for the user (mainly the questions and automatic answers) you need to Preview or Publish your content.


To Preview a Module or Wizard:

While still in the editor click the Preview button on the Main Toolbar.

preview button new


To view a Published Module or Wizard:

1.Choose the Zone where you want to edit the Module/Wizard.
2.Click on the Admin link in the upper right of your screen

Amin link

3.Then then click on Modules to see the list of Modules/Wizards.
4.Choose your Module/Wizard from the list (filter to see the appropriate one choose which ).
5.Click the Start button Start 2
6.Work through the Module/Wizard like a user would.


Note: To get back to editing mode just repeat the steps above but choose Edit instead of Start.


Note: Rather than switch back and forth between leaner mode and editor mode in the same web page, a good idea is to open 2 browsers (eg Chrome for editing and something else (Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 or 9, Safari) as a learner) and then switch  between the 2.  Dual monitors can also help here.  You will need to refresh your learner browser to see the changes you made in the editing browser.