What are Modules?

A Module could be thought of as an electronic lesson (or part thereof) designed by an expert.


Modules combine videos, images, sound, text, video analysis tools, self-marking interactions and at the end a summary Report can automatically be created.


A Module is usually used by an educator.  For example the process may be:

1.A teacher will assign some modules to the students.
2.The students complete the Modules and submit them for marking (although some simple questions are marked by the software).
3.The teacher gets a message telling them the Reports are in.
4.The teacher will check and mark the student's Report, add comments and then return it to the student.
5.The student gets a message and they review the teacher's marks and comments.  Depending on what the teacher set while marking, the student may get another attempt at the Module to try and improve their grade.


To access the Help modules:

Go to the Siliconcoach tab (1) and then into the Lite Zone (2).


Now click on the Example Modules link.


Note: Yours may have different titles but the work-flow is the same.




What you are now seeing is a Pathway of Modules.


Click on one of the gray markers on this Pathway to see that Module's details.


Press the START button to begin a Module




Note: Under the Help tab there are other Modules that will help you learn about Bracken.  You should review all these help modules.




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