What is a Zone?

Zones are private areas within your Bracken Site designed to give you a secure space to share knowledge, mentor others, network plus you can also discuss and analyze technique.  Zones are often owned and run by schools, sports organizations or coaches.


You can be:

A member of a zone and would be called a User.
The owner of a zone and would be called a Facilitator.  The Facilitator has tools to manage and supervise users.


You can be a user or a facilitator in more than one Zone at a time however you only be in one Zone at a time.


A Zone can have

Movements Analysis tools for video
Modules for education
a limited number of users and extra users usually cost extra money.


To enter a Zone:

Click on the appropriate tab (1) and then choose the Zone (2) of choice.


Note: Yours may have different titles but the work-flow is the same.




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