What is Siliconcoach Live?

Siliconcoach Live (SC Live) is one of the customized Bracken Sites made using Bracken technology that we call a skin.  It is the general Siliconcoach site used to house individuals and small user groups especially those concerned with sports. You can join SC Live for free.


Once you have registered you will see the 'Lite' Home page.  This is the same page you will see every time you log in. (Note you will either see the default Zone or if you have purchased a Zone, you will see your own and not this authors).


Note: You may have different content than this one.


SC Live Lite


From here you can:

Go to the File Manager.
Check Messages.
Enter one of the Zones you are a member of (The Lite Zone is there for free).
Change your profile.


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